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Legal Affairs

The Fan Club International Inc., in an effort to better our company, and in conjunction with it's legal partners, has strategically designed the "Total Legal Connection" program also known as "T.L.C." to provide "F.C.I. Preferred Fan Members", Entertainers", and "Entrepreneurs" their own Legal Referral Service as a legal benefit at no additional cost .
Why pay as much as $30.00 to $100.00 a month for a Paid Legal Service just to pay more for an attorney. Or, why pay for a service you can't use if the other party has the same service. T.L.C. provides you a wide selection of independent legal firms that can provide the desired legal service you may need. You'll also have access to Real Estate Services, Financial Services, Tax Services and more.
The T.L.C. Program was designed to give you the support you'll need to succeed for your personal, business and entertainment success.
For more information about the "Total Legal Connection" email us at: