The Fan Club International Inc. 
"Where The Entertainment Revolution Has Begun!"

Economic Development


With today’s economic problems, the statement; “Timing Is Everything” is the reason for F.C.I. and we are aware of three things.
  • First, music and entertainment is a product used locally and internationally.
  • Second, better artists, entertainers and producers are overlooked.
  • Third, the FANS FUND the Entertainment Industry' Billion Dollar Monopoly and Earn Nothing!
At F.C.I. we understand that people don't need entertainment idols, people need opportunity. Therefore, F.C.I. was developed to provide that empowerment and opportunity people need.
Today we are reminded of our efforts to create that opportunity by the phrase that was spoken that said; “Small Business will have to be the engine of job creation".
Therefore, the "Timing" of the F.C.I. opportunity provides you that engine for business, job and economic development locally and internationally through entertainment.
The Fan Club International Inc.also provides customers savings on music and entertainment products as well as entertainment events. Why? "Because we believe savings money goes better in your pocket."
At The Fan Club International Inc. we've designed a entertainment marketing system called; Group Entertainment Marketing System aka "G.E.M.", simply put, it's "Network Marketing". The process of Network Marketing can be found in the Biblical account when Jesus Christ recruited twelve disciples, taught them to get twelve men or women and duplicate that method to promote the Gospel. Most importantly, this "Method of Operation" benefited those (at the foundation) disciples.
Unfortunately, today’s business system is designed to mainly promote "Capitalism", which doesn't develop the "working people" (as much) who are the foundation of business and economic development.
At F.C.I. we realize that capitalism is self sabotaging, because it creates its own competition and mainly benefits the cooperate bosses.
F.C.I. has "a better business plan" for everyone involved. At F.C.I. we call this "Never Before New Approach": “Socialistic Capitalization” when implemented it first benefits those who are at the foundation of economic development (the people), enhances business and strengthen the economy, locally and internationally.
Finally, fans and entertainers, listen.  "Don't Wait", be part of an entertainment industry that you control. Check out: "How you Make money