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Project Development

The Fan Club International Inc., in conjunction with it's entertainment partners, has designed the"F.A.C.T" program also known as "Fans Artist Connect Together" to provide "Fans" and "Entrepreneurs" the opportunity to be a part of the entertainment industry by allowing fans to receive "Perks" for "Project Contributions" for Project Developments. 

The F.A.C.T program is designed so that fans, entrepreneurs, and others can "Joint Network" with entertainers, entertainment companies in "Funding" the production of Entertainment Projects. In exchange, fan receive "Perks". Entertainers, build a "Social Networking Fan Site" and advertise your project(s) online and allow your fans to be a part of the development.
When fans have a stake in your project, they become "Loyal Fans". Fans receive "Free Movie Premier Tickets, Free Concert Tickets and more. Or become an FCI Associate and start your own Entertainment Distribution Company.
At FCI we are Revolutionizing the way Entertainment is Done Forever!
To find out more about how you can get your projects funded, please email us at: